Step-by-Step Guide: How to Buy $WOOT Token

By CoinGape

The metaverse revolution is here, and the solution to all retail’s challenges has been created. Mallconomy is a new metaverse mall currently in development, and it is raising the bar of what online shopping could be! Retail modernization is taking place now, and with this step-by-step guide on how to get your hands on WOOT, the new crypto driving the Mallconomy ecosystem, you can be part of the Mallconomy metaverse in-crowd.

But First, What is $WOOT?

WOOT is the native token of the Mallconomy ecosystem, a digital currency in which all Mallconomy transactions take place. This frees the Mallconomy ecosystem from foreign exchange issues. The WOOT price in Vienna is the WOOT price in New York is the WOOT price in Johannesburg – it’s a global token that allows anyone to trade freely with anyone else all across the globe inside the Mallconomy sphere.

What’s more, the Mallconomy token is deflationary – a limited number of tokens will be minted, which means that the value of the Mallconomy WOOT token can only go up. Now, we can start the step-by-step guide on how to buy this exciting new crypto.

Step 1 – Get And Connect A Wallet

The first step in the step-by-step guide to adding WOOT to your portfolio is to get a crypto wallet. The Mallconomy presale accepts Wallet Connect, Best Wallet, Metamask, and Coinbase Wallet as eligible crypto wallets. If you already have one of those, great; you’re all set!

If you do not have any of these wallets, it’s no problem. You can create a free wallet right from the Mallconomy website. Once your wallet is up, connecting it to the Mallconomy presale gateway is as easy as pie.

Step 2 – Buy Some Crypto. Or, Grab Your Credit Card.

Woot tokens can be purchased with Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), or BNB. Use your favorite crypto exchange to put some ETH or USDT in your wallet as per step one, and now you are ready to go.

And if you do not want to use crypto, no problem! Mallconomy’s WOOT tokens can also be purchased using a credit card. You will still need a wallet to hold your new crypto tokens, though.

Step 3 – Head on over to

On the Mallconomy website, you can link your wallet and exchange your crypto (or cash via credit card) for Mallconomy WOOT tokens. Transactions are quick and easy, and the WOOT tokens will almost instantly appear in your wallet.

And that’s it! Easy as one-to-three.

But What Is Mallconomy Really?

Retail is the largest industry in the world; it is the one thing almost every person on the planet partakes in. Everyone shops. Online shopping is worth $4.5 trillion annually – and that is just in the USA! The selection available online is literally infinite. But it has its drawbacks. Online shopping is dull, repetitive, and lacks the ‘feel’ of brick-and-mortar malls. Physical malls are exciting and full of color but lack range.

Mallconomy offers the best of both worlds: a retail experience with an infinite range of online shopping combined with the sensory experience of physical malls. It has all the benefits, none of the drawbacks!

But is Mallconomy just a gimmick?

Not at all. Pioneered by early VR developers and matured through Apple’s Vision Pro, the metaverse is here to stay. The world’s largest social network even named its parent company ‘Meta’ in anticipation of the massive metaverse explosion. The metaverse is new, but it is disruptive, and early adopters stand to make the most out of getting on board this nascent technology.


Fortune favors the brave, and the Mallconomy presale is just the thing for the brave investor to partake in to secure a future in the metaverse. Follow this step-by-step guide to get your WOOT tokens at $0.00278, but hurry; the new crypto tokens won’t be this low for much longer.

You can participate in the Mallconomy presale here.

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Source: CoinGape